“Impressions” is an interactive sound generator that translates a visual object into sound. The installation is composed of a unique topographical object designed in correlation with the musical methodology: the topographical measures and form are translated into time, rhythm and musical notation.

The project is inspired by my personal passion for music along with my grandfather’s musical career as a composer of avant-garde classical music. This unique installation, created hereby, enables creating music without any traditional musical education or any playing skills.

lnspired by Asher Ben-Yohanan’s works, a composer of avant-guard classical music – my grandfather.
1929 - 2015

Graduation project as part of the B.Des program in Communication Design at Shenkar College.

Mentoring Ofir Liberman and Merav Shacham
Academic guidance Dr. Tal Barli
Musical advisory Oren Ziv
Musical and Technological Advisory Ronen Peri
Video Assistant Roy Ben-Yair

Special Thanks
My family - Iddo,  Gila and Guy Kressel
Ayelet Sadot
Noah Or
Michal Rinott and Shchar Giger
from Kaddar center of design and technology, Shenkar