How do you visual a viral event? What does it look like when a successful buzz is created?

Buzzwall aims to turn the lifespan of a hashtag into a visual one. Using three visualization methods we turn something that is “word to mouth” into something one can investigate using their own eyes.

Buzzwall is using the open twitter API and is tracking Greater London, United Kingdom.

A visual narration of Managing Buzz, an academic research by Arthur Campbell, Dina Mayzlin and Jiwoong Shin, Yale School of Management, November 2013.

Design and Concept Ido Sapir and Noa Kressel
Voice Roy Ben Yair

Special Thanks
Tamar Many,
Malki Shem-Tov and AVS,
Hila Ben Navat,
Emanuel Gruengard,
Shaula Haitner,
Ido Viron,
Sivan Feingold
Ohad Sasson.

This project was made as part of Visual Communication B.Des Degree study program at Shenkar. Engineering. Design. Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel.