Drove rebrand 

Drove - A platform for creating single web-pages to all your marketing needs. No design. Plug and play. Targeted to SMBs and NGOs.

At this point Drove has finished it’s 1st pivot from an app to a web service. The look-and-feel of the web version was copied from the app and clearly didn’t fit to the new business and product goals.

Before trying our best in the American market, the service required a more mature look that was less in focus before.

New brand strategy

  • Drove is the easiest marketing tool existing. Plug and play.
  • Drove is a technological solution for a complete marketing mess of multiple tools and services.
  • Drove should be self-taught flat interface.

Product management, UX/UI, creative strategy

Creative consultant Uri Ar 

Campaign page - before

Campaign page - after

New dashboard tab

New pages tab